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Motorhome Holidays FAQ

How easy is it to drive a motorhome?

Motorhomes are very easy to drive. They all have power steering and are very easily manoeuvred once you've adjusted to their size in relation to a saloon car.

How many people can I take in a motorhome?

It's usually a maximum of four people. All manufacturers specify the number of designated passenger seats for travelling. These will all have seat restraints fitted.

Where can I park a motorhome?

All towns will have some parking where a motorhome can be left. Inevitably there are some height restrictions, particularly in some multi-storey car parks but generally there are no limitations.

Are there any motorhomes with automatic gearboxes?

Ford, Volkswagen and Mercedes offer automatic transmission on some of their models.

Where can I get a motorhome serviced?

Your motorhome retailer will look after the habitation area and some may be able to look after the mechanics. Most vehicle maintenance should be carried out by the Chassis manufacturers' own LCV service network.

My motorhome needs an MOT. Where should I go?

An MOT is required on a motorhome after three years, just like a car. For motorhomes, it is advisable to go to a commercial vehicle testing station as they have the capacity and equipment for larger vehicles.

Can you buy a motorhome to fit into a standard garage?

Low line conversions with an elevating roof usually fit a standard garage.

What are the rules for seating passengers?

Passengers should only use designated passenger seats, as specified by the motorhome manufacturer. Seatbelts in the rear of a motorhome where fitted, should be worn.

Are motorhomes suitable for disabled people?

Many disabled people who normally use a wheelchair and their carers find that motorhome vehicles can be easily adapted for their needs. Ramps and lifts can be fitted and some other internal modifications can be carried out to adapt the vehicle, which, subject to an individual's eligibility, can be supplied without VAT.

Is there any way we can try a motorhome out before we buy?

Motorhomes are widely available on hire, start out by checking your local directories. Some dealers operate a 'Try before you buy' scheme, where you can try the motorhome at little or no charge if you buy, or at an agreed time rate if you don't.

Do we need to connect up to an electricity supply for power?

Most motorhomes have leisure batteries which can service most needs overnight and recharge on the move. Most sites, including Skelwith Fold, now allow main connectors, for which your motorhome will be equipped.

Are motorhomes equipped to deal with cold weather?

Most manufacturers now build to European Standards, making them suitable for year round use in the country of origin.

Are motorhomes expensive to run?

Motorhomes offer excellent performance for their size and weight with diesel power for the majority of vehicles today, offering first-class fuel efficiency.

  • Skelwith Fold gratefully acknowledges the help of the National Caravan Council in the preparation of parts of this article

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